Milas - Bodrum left to right over the road 8 km road will take you to Gulluk. For holidaymakers who like the basement next to the crowd Gulluk offers a quieter holiday opportunity.

At least for now the case. Most silent, even the most remote places at once 'kesfediliverip' summer houses that suffered attacks, you have already been witnessed also become unrecognizable in a few years. Let's see, we'll see live. Gulluk is a port town.

Extracted bauxite is exported around the harbor. Already on the road you will see trucks carrying bauxite. Mandalya Gulf and the Asin Bay, located around the coastal fishing town, coffee, and remains a charming fishing village with restaurants feature.

Immediately after the beach hotels and houses located on a hill rising due to the topographic feature always see the sea. Weirs installed in the sea off the city's northern and good fish.

Bluefish, mullet and eel hunting mostly. You can take one to sit Coast eel feast of restaurants.
The name of the 'snake' consisting of pushing you get is delicious. Most of the nearby bays in aquaculture done, sea bream and sea bass are grown. As neighbors in the basement of private boats in Gulluk (gullet) has made shipyards. Their appearance created by the freighter in the harbor is nice but I have to say the same thing for the image.

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